April 03, 2018

In January Professor Andy McIntosh undertook 8 days of creation ministry in Thailand. He spoke at a number of locations in the capital Bangkok, including Assumption University and King Mongkut University, a church, two English Schools and a seminary.

 Around 60 young students attended 3 talks at the Santisuk English School. On Sunday 20th he spoke twice at the ACTS church in Chiang Mai and in the evening gave a talk to the children of missionaries.  The following day there were 3 sessions on “Has Science killed God?”, at Grace International School, when about 350 young people attended. Andy reports: “Some students were very serious minded as they realised that the evidence strongly supports the Christian position. It was very encouraging that the head teacher was so open to having us there.” On the Monday evening, Andy spoke on “The Rocks and the Fossils” at Maejo University (Agricultural secular University).

 On the last day, Tuesday, there were two meetings in Chiang Mai. The first was at the Thaimai seminary, where Andy explained why Creation is important theologically. The final meeting was at the Chiang Mai Hospital where about 20 students from the Chiang Mai University Christian Medical fellowship listened to a talk on “The Wonder of Hearing.” Andy felt this meeting was “very strategic” since it was reaching future academic leaders in medicine.

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