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THE 2nd. European Creation Conference, organised by Creation Ministries International,which took place at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, London, September 21st-22nd, was attended by around 900 people. They came from 21 countries, mainly European.

 Among the team of 16 experienced and qualified speakers were scientists from Germany, Norway, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands as well as the UK. A wide range of subjects was covered. Each of the two days consisted of 3 main seminars, with two afternoon sessions offering a choice of two semi-technical talks. On the Saturday afternoon there were two sessions for 11-14 year-olds on the theme of dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark and fossils.

The Rev Brian Edwards began, with a presentation on “The Clarity and Authority of the Bible.”  Professor Steve Taylor, head of the mass spectrometry research group at the University of Liverpool, presented evidence of soft tissue, DNA and Carbon-14 in dinosaur bones, which refutes the theory that these creatures lived millions of years ago. Dr Ursula D’Souza, (top right) a UK-based molecular biologist/neuropharmacologist, spoke on “Brains, Genes and Behaviour—the marvellous design of the human brain.”

 Norwegian information scientist Dr Sigurd Eskeland (lower right), a senior researcher with the Norwegian Computing Centre, spoke on “Coded Information Disproves Darwinism.” The final session: “Evangelism where People are — Scratching the Itch” was led by Andy Banton of the Open-Air Mission.

 There was a great demand for the large range of resources, including CRT’s magazines and creation tracts.


American astronomer Dr Danny Faulkner (right) spoke at 7 venues in England and Scotland during an autumn “Creation and the Cosmos” tour organised by Answers in Genesis (UK). Dr Faulkner, who is a member of the board of the Creation Research Society, has written many articles in secular astronomy journals as well as creationist publications, and has authored the book Universe by Design. He specialises in the field of Stellar Astronomy known as Binary Star Systems, and views our universe  through a biblical creation perspective.

 On his tour he strongly refuted the popular “big bang” theory of the origin of the universe, which he believes is wrong from both a scientific and Biblical point of view. There were good attendances at all the venues.


Professor Andy McIntosh (left) made a return visit to South Africa in September when he led five evening sessions at the Durban Keswick event. His talks covered the six-day creation, the Global Flood, the calling of Abraham, the life of Jacob and the life of Joseph. Between 100 – 200 attended each evening. Andy writes: “I sensed that people really wanted to listen and to find out more. There was a real thirst for the books and DVDs.”

The time in South Africa also included visits to Pinetown Baptist Church, Hillcrest Baptist Church, and Birchleigh Baptist Church.  All three churches strongly support the Creation message and thoroughly back the Creation outreach.  Andy hopes to return to South Africa in Spring 2019.