May 17, 2016

AS the Creation Resources Trust marks 35 years of ministry it is a good time to look back and consider how the creationist movement has progressed during that time, and to look forward to what the future may hold.


There is a popular myth that this movement is an American import, with little support in the UK. Nothing could be further from the truth! The world’s oldest creationist organisation is the Creation Science Movement, founded in England in 1932 as the Evolution Protest Movement.  CSM is still going strong, based in Portsmouth, where its “Genesis Expo” is open to the public.*

  It’s true that creationism was given a boost by the publication in 1961 of  the book The Genesis Flood (left), co-authored by the late Dr Henry Morris and Dr John Whitcomb. The US-based Institute for Creation Research and Creation Research Society have played an important role in funding and publishing the results of important research projects which have provided compelling evidence for creation and the Genesis flood, and we owe them a great deal.

  Other ministries have sprung up in Australia and the US as well as in Britain and other countries, and we are greatly encouraged by all that has happened, which has raised awareness of the importance of the creation-evolution debate.


One of the  greatest changes in the last 35 years is the amazing  growth in the range of resources available. In 1981 there were very few books on the subject, only one or two videos, and the internet didn’t exist.  Today there are hundreds of high-quality books and DVDs, and a huge amount of information on the internet. There is now no excuse for anyone to be uninformed, or unfamiliar with the arguments we use to refute the unscientific, unbiblical theory of evolution.


With interest in this subject growing, and more and more scientists turning away from evolution, creationism is here tpo stay! We will continue to work with our colleagues in other organisations to ensure that evolution is kept under scrutiny and its flaws exposed. We pray that more and more Christians will understand the foundational importance of creation, and how evolution has been used to challenge and undermine Christianity.

 It’s unlikely that CRT will be here in 35 years time (I’m nearly 72!)  But we are confident that, if Jesus Christ does not return before then, the creation movement will have grown even stronger.  Soon after we began this ministry in 1981, a retired Methodist minister said to me: “The truth always comes out in the end!” Yes it does! As the apostle Paul wrote: “Though everyone else in the world is a liar, God is not.” (Romans 3: 4, Living Bible


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