Author: Dr Carl Wieland


Sub-titled "The Bible, Race & Culture. Topics covered range from slavery, apartheid, the mistreatment of aborigines by Europeans, and eugenics, to the origin of languages and religion. The author emphasises that while Darwin’s theory can’t be blamed for racism, since racist attitudes predated him, and although modern-day evolutionists repudiate racism, nonetheless Darwin’s ideas did give people an excuse to treat some humans as inferior. The author’s parents grew up in Germany, and he is well aware of the way that Hitler used evolution to justify his "master race" doctrine, which resulted in the murder of 6 million Jews in the gas chambers.


Dr Wieland is not afraid to criticise sections of the Christian Church for supporting slavery and other racist ideas, and points out that this was largely due to the acceptance of evolution, and unbiblical ideas such as belief in "pre-Adamic" races. He also soundly refutes the myth of the so-called "curse of Ham", used by some within the Church to justify treating black people as inferior. The author is certain that the cure for racism and related evils lies in accepting Genesis as true history. All humans are part of one family, descended from Adam and Eve, not mythical "ape-people," and all stand in need of salvation through faith in the "second Adam" Jesus Christ.


Large paperback, 378 pages.

Price: £9.00

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