July 09, 2024

THE final Annual Public Meeting of Creation Resources Trust was held on Saturday 18th May at the Davis Hall in the Somerset village of West Camel, where CRT is based. Around 100 people of all ages braved torrential thunderstorms and floods to attend.

CRT Director Geoff Chapman led a short time of opening worship, and explained that, since he had just passed the age of 80, CRT’s ministry would continue, but be scaled down. The Our World children’s creation paper would still be published every four months, and our popular range of creation-based tracts would still be available and reprinted as necessary. Tens of thousands of back issues of Our World, our now-discontinued ‘real science paper’ Original View, and our tracts, have been distributed within the past year. CRT’s website www.crt.org.uk will be maintained. Creation Update and the Prayer Diary will no longer be produced in printed form, but there will be a “Creation Update” section on our website, and the Prayer Diary will also be available there.
There were two guest speakers: Joe Hubbard of Creation Research UK spoke on “Creation — the Final Proof: evidence for Design in Nature”, and Paul Garner of Biblical Creation Trust spoke on "Voyage to the Planets: Solar System discoveries that confirm Creation.” Geoff Chapman gave a "Potted History" of CRT’s ministry, explaining how it all began (see editorial article inside). Those attending enjoyed a delicious buffet tea. In the 43 years since our organisation began, Geoff has spoken at several hundred meetings and conferences throughout the UK. We have only missed one annual public meeting - which was due to Covid restrictions.
Geoff and his wife Elizabeth, who has been a real partner in this ministry, thank God for His amazing guidance, provision and faithfulness, and for all those who have supported CRT over many years. We also thank our Trustees for their support.


The Biblical Creation Trust has a vision to establish a creationist centre in the university city of Cambridge. A physical base that would focus BCT’s face-to-face ministry in one geographical area, but the name recognition that a study centre in Cambridge has would facilitate a world-wide reach through the internet resources that they would also produce. BCT believes that the Cambridge House vision is best achieved incrementally. The first step to is to purchase a residential property, located centrally in Cambridge, close to university sites that students would be regularly visiting. This is an unashamedly ambitious project, with a multi-million pound cost to match, but BCT believes in a great God who can provide the means through His people. If you would like to find out more, or help make this vision become a reality, go to the following link: https://biblicalcreationtrust.org/ch.html

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